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Flatweave Rugs: Soumak vs. Kilim. What is the difference between these two types of flat weaves?

Posted on November 18, 2018 by Susan Brouwer
We have just recently added a line of kilim rugs, which prompts this article. We’ve been carrying soumaks for a long time.

The soumak rugs are a completely different weave from the kilim rugs. Both types are made on a loom strung with warp threads. A soumak is made by twisting the weft (cross-wise) yarns around the warp (lengthwise threads). The result is a sturdy, reversible rug that looks like knitting on one side, purl on the other, for you knitters reading our blog. Our soumaks are very durable.

Kilim rugs are a straight over-and-under-the-warp-threads weave They are thinner than the soumaks but are also reversible.

It’s important to put a good pad with some cushion under both the soumaks and the kilims, to add to the wear of the rug, to keep the rug from slipping or bunching, and to enhance the look of the rug on your floor.

Note: Flatwoven rugs tend to be less expensive than pile rugs! The weaving process for both is quicker than the knotting process, which involves creating the design from individual “knots” going across the warp.

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