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Natural-Dye Tibetan Rugs

This very special group of rugs are made by Tibetan people living in Nepal. They are very close to our hearts, not only because of their extraordinary beauty, but because there is something very real and organic about them -- not overly stylized or slick in any way. With their natural-dye colors and abundant character, they are soulful rugs that bring, for me, the spirit of the Tibetan people right into my home. (Yes, I have several of these rugs in my own house.) The people who make these rugs underwrite a project for the benefit of the people and the natural world of the Tibetan Plateau, which is called Machik (see our blog article on "The Tibetan Plateau, Yayla & Machik")

Important Note:  There are not a great many of these rugs made, so check availability. If you find a piece you love and it's no longer available, we encourage you to order it in the size you'd like. Delivery time is approximately 4 to 5 months.
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