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Rug pad for soft surface floor - stiff fiber felt-like oriental rug pad for use on soft surfaces such as carpeting

No-Muv Rug Pad for Rugs on Carpeting

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About This Rug Pad

This No-Muv™ brand rug pad is a stiff fiber, felt-like pad that is designed to provide a non-moving and firm surface for large rugs on top of carpeting. With this premium rug pad there will be no "creeping" or rumpling of the rug as it's walked on, keeping it flat and firmly in position. (Note: If you have a rug smaller than 6 x 9, we usually recommend the Teebaud pad.)

When ordering a pad for your rug, simply choose your rug size and we will take care of correctly sizing the pad. If you are needing a pad for a rug size that is not listed above, please send us a note with the exact length and width measurements of your rug and we will get back to you with the price.

NOTE: No-Muv is manufactured in 6-foot- and 12-foot-wide rolls. If you need a pad 9 x 12, the pad will be cut to 9 feet out of a 12-foot roll of No-Muv, and you will receive it in one piece. Very neat and tidy. 

If your rug is 10 x 14 and you want your piece of No-Muv to be 9-8 x 13-8, you will receive a piece 12 x 13-8 and you will need to cut it down to 9-8 x 13-8. You will be charged for the full 12-foot width. If your rug isn't exactly 6 feet or 12 feet in either direction, there will be pad left over. Sometimes customers have other rugs they can use the extra piece for, say, a runner or small rug. 

ADDITIONAL NOTE: Since UPS only takes packages up to 9 feet in length, if your rug is wider than 9 feet, it would have to be sent via a trucking company, which is very expensive and in which case we would not pay for shipping.

Since pad is custom-cut, there are NO RETURNS for any of our padding.

About Rug Pad Sizing

Because our rug pads are manufactured in rolls, we custom-cut the pad for you to the inch. We want the rug to lap over the edge of the pad, we normally cut it 2 to 3 inches smaller in each direction than the actual size of the rug. This is the proper way to pad a rug, hiding the pad from the eye while keeping the edges of your area rug on the floor.

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