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Craftsman Rugs

We love Craftsman style rugs!

The American Arts and Crafts movement is an architectural design, interior design, landscape design, arts style, and lifestyle philosophy that began in the last years of the 19th century. The Craftsman style of architecture and design evokes solidity and comfort in the home, and is classic in all times!

Below are many of our Craftsman style rugs, or rugs we feel would be well suited to a Craftsman style home. All of our rugs are exceptionally well made by hand, one strong ideal of the Craftsman movement. You will find rugs that would look beautiful in a Craftsman setting in almost all of our collections of rugs, with the exception of the "Pure Modern" collection - unless your taste is eclectic enough to stretch that far!

Would you like some help in finding a Craftsman style rug for your home? Send us a note - we'll be happy to give personalized suggestions based on your unique taste, home, and budget. We'll even search outside the collections on our site and send you pictures via email!

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