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Nepalese Rugs

After the Chinese invaded Tibet and many Tibetan people, including the Dalai Lama, escaped to India and Nepal, Tibetan-weave rugs started coming in much larger numbers from Nepal. "Nepalese" rugs are Tibetan rugs. They are made in the same distinctive way: by wrapping the weft yarns around the warp and then cutting the loops that result. Nepalese-style or Tibetan rugs all have a distinctive look: they tend to be quite thick and plush, and all of them have rows of yarn that result from the way they're "knotted."

Nepalese rugs are ideal for custom sizes because they take less time to make than other hand knotted rugs. They generally take 4 to 5 months from ordering to delivery. To learn more about custom ordering, visit our Services page.

Please send us a note, or call for more information and personalized recommendations on these wonderful rugs. Learn more about Tibetan Rugs and Nepalese rugs.
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