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We're very excited to now have a collection of rugs that will fill a different niche than any of our other rugs. These rugs are either quite plain or have a design that is just textural. Their beauty comes from the handknotting of the wool and the way the yarns have absorbed the dyes unevenly. There is a variation in the color that lends depth and character to these rugs, even though they may also be considered "plain."

Suited for a multitude of settings and types of decor, the rugs in our Simple/Textures Collection are a natural for today's less ornate homes. The colors range from quiet to vibrant, and the minimal designs make them perfect for rooms where the owner is feeling that "less is more"! 

If you don't see just what you're looking for here or elsewhere in our online rug store, we enjoy helping people find the perfect rug and have access to many rugs that are not on our site.  We'd love to help you.  Just send us a note!

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