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Contemporary Rugs

What is a "Contemporary" rug?
Contemporary rugs refer to a category of rugs with a modern design aesthetic. We carry a wide variety of contemporary designs. Probably the largest representation in this category would be the Tibetan rugs, mostly made by Tibetan refugees in Nepal. There are many westerners who are giving their designs to the Tibetan weavers. These rugs are being made with vegetable-dyed wool as well as the aniline dyes.
Tibetan contemporary handmade Blockprint carpet
We carry many other types of contemporary rugs, including Tibetan made Gangchen, natural-dye rugs from India, and Gabbeh designs from India, Afghanistan, Turkey and Pakistan (the original Gabbehs were made by nomadic peoples in Iran. See section on Persian Rugs, which discusses the embargo on rugs from Iran).
Please send us a note, or call for more information and personalized recommendations on contemporary rugs for your home.
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