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Tribal Rugs

The best examples of Tribal rugs are very appealing and very creative. They are one-of-a-kind works of art. Unlike the other more refined types of rugs, they are woven without a graph - each piece comes out of the weaver's imagination. Tribal rugs have often been woven by nomadic sheepherding people, usually on a "primitive" loom that can be rolled up or disassembled and taken along as the weaver moves to new pastures.

The supply of these tribal rugs is very limited, especially the rugs from Iran. What you see on this site from Iran you won't see again because of the embargo on Persian rugs. We've chosen to feature Persian Balouch Soumak and Gabbeh-type rugs, even though they're unique and can't be duplicated in the way that the more profitable "programmed" rugs are, because we feel they lend a special interest and beauty to our store.

Also in this Tribal collection we show some rugs made in Nepal or Afghanistan that were done by tribal people or done in a "tribal style."

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