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Tibetan Rugs

What is a "Tibetan" rug?
Most Tibetan rugs are currently being made in Nepal by Tibetan refugees, though we do carry some stunning rugs made in Tibet itself. Tibetan/Nepalese rugs are knotted differently from other types of oriental area rugs. As a result, the designs tend to be simpler, which is appreciated by customers looking for a rug that is not "busy." These rugs are often made of handspun Tibetan wool and are thick and luxurious underfoot. The designs range from stylized Persian or traditional Tibetan designs, to very contemporary designs. There are even some absolutely plain rugs that still have wonderful texture, and in the case of the natural-dyed rugs, have variations in the color that can resemble a resplendent pool of water. 
Tibetan rugs are ideal for custom sizes or colors because they take less time to make than the knotted rugs of other countries. It generally takes four months from the time it is ordered to receive a custom-made Tibetan. Each of our rugs has information about customization, and you can find additional information on custom ordering on our Services page.  
Please send us a note, or call for more information and personalized recommendations on these wonderful rugs.
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