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Soumak & Kilim Rugs

We offer this unique collection to you for the first time with great excitement!

After years of development, we are pleased to introduce a stunning new line of Soumaks. These exquisite, handmade rugs are woven in traditional Suzani (Souzani), Kazak and Persian designs with 100% New Zealand wool. 

The construction of Soumaks is different from that of the handknotted rug. This is a weft-wrapping technique that gives great clarity to their varied and interesting designs. One wonderful advantage of modern Soumak rugs is that they are completely reversible bacause they've been finished on both sides. The yarns on the "wrong" side of the the older Soumaks were left hanging so you could only use the rug with the "right" side up. 

Each side in these modern soumaks is a little different, the design being a bit more distinct on one side than the other. They are a "flat weave," pileless rug that is thicker than the kilims and much sturdier because of the tightness of the weave, density, and the amount of wool used in the rug. They suit situations where a thinner rug is needed, and also provide extraordinary durability and ease of care.
 Vibrant colors combined with subtle abrash (variation in depth of color) create a look and feel that pleases the contemporary eye while honoring tradition. 

Don't see the perfect rug? Send us a note -- we enjoy helping customers as well as looking for rugs for specific settings that may not be on our site.

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