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Featured Rug -- Parpa and Vines (Gangchen Tibetan)

Posted on April 22, 2015 by Susan Brouwer

This month, April of 2015, we have chosen to feature as our “Rug of the Month” the Healing Botanical Parpa and Vines. Susan, one of the owners of A Rug For All Reasons, has this rug in her home and it never fails to please her, every day of the year.

This rug, as with all the Gangchen Tibetan, was hand knotted in Tibet with the world’s most beautiful wool: long-staple, lanolin rich wool from sheep who live at high altitude in Tibet. Handspun, hand-carded, and then dyed, there is subtle variation of color in the yarns which, along with the luster of the wool, makes these rugs come alive and truly “sparkle.”

The weaving of these Tibetans is very dense and tight. A timeless design that would work in a wide variety of settings, Parpa and Vines also has many wonderful colors that would be easy to work with. Custom sizing and colors are also an option.

We hope you love this rug as much as we do! Happy Spring (not quite here yet but on its way)!

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