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All Runner Rugs

All of the rugs in this collection are runners or can be ordered in various runner sizes.

Runners are wonderfully versatile for many kinds of spaces, not just hallways! Do you have a narrow kitchen, a long narrow bathroom, a space behind your couch, or a foyer that is elongated? Runner rugs can lead the eye, pull together multiple rooms, and provide cushioning and interest to a workspace such as a kitchen.

As is the case with all rugs, a great floor runner brings a space alive and grounds a room. For example, when used in a kitchen, it can lend not only welcome cushioning underfoot but character, warmth and color.

Many people are concerned about spills in a place like a kitchen or a bathroom. Our rugs are all wool: soap and water to clean up spills will not damage your rug at all. That's how we recommend cleaning a good rug: simply a pure soap and water!

Please note: Most of the rugs photographed on our site are 6’x9’ or 8'x10' in size, but we offer most of our rugs in many sizes, and often in custom sizes and colors. Send us a note if you are interested in a custom size or color. Please note that designs are usually adapted to best suit rug size. For example, large rugs typically have wider, more complicated borders and more design elements in the field than small rugs.

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