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This very modern, interesting rug has the intricate structure of a woven art piece—which it is! The neutral colors, very unusual shapes and design, combined with subtle touches of color and minute amounts of black, make it a fascinating rug. A great rug is indeed “Art for the Floor.” Handknotted in Nepal by master Tibetan weavers, using 100% handspun, handcarded Tibetan wool in 100-knot weave with silk accents. Available in custom sizing and colors.

Need a special size? This rug can be made in custom sizes and colors.  Almost anything is possible when it comes to handmade rugs. Give us a call for more information, or Send us a note and we'll get started!

We offer the highest-quality, longest-lasting, and most effective rug pads available. To order a rug pad for this rug base on your floor surface, as well as desired pad thickness, visit our rug pad section.

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