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Traditional Techniques - New Interpretations

Posted on December 18, 2012 by Susan Brouwer
Along with many of the producers we represent in our store, Art Resources paved the way in the world of rug weaving for rugs with a great old look that haven't been distressed with chemicals or other methods that compromise the wool. Their production has been centered in Pakistan (and now Afghanistan as well) where rug making had been in the doldrums for at least 20 years: very few rug qualities, hardly any innovation, repetition of the same designs, and no handspun wool or vegetable dyes. There was a huge migration of refugees from Afghanistan to southern Pakistan beginning in the 1980s. These refugees took their sophisticated weaving techniques with them into Pakistan where the infrastructure for rug weaving and business acumen already existed. According to Jack Simantov, one of the owners of Art Resources, "I think more than any other country in any other time, these two cultures have come together and complemented each other to the benefit of the rug industry."

The rugs of Art Resources range from traditional to transitional to modern. They all have the character and appeal of rugs made with handspun wool and natural dyes. The company also has a huge production, all catalogued on the internet, which is a terrific tool for their dealers who are looking for specific sizes, colors and styles for specific customers. Don't see the perfect rug on our site? Send us a note or give us a call at 877-817-0246 -- we're up to the challenge!

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