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I’m Concerned About The Accuracy of a Rug’s Colors on your Website!

Posted on November 11, 2018 by Susan Brouwer
Probably the very biggest factor affecting the color of a rug is the fact that they are made of fiber, actually three-dimensional fiber, which absorbs and reflects light in many different ways, depending on the lighting. The photos of our rugs were all taken pretty much in a studio setting under photographic lighting that mimics natural light as much as possible. A rug may appear different in color or brightness than it might in your home. We try for accuracy of representation as much as possible.

There are two ways you as the customer might put your mind at ease about color. One is to ask if we can provide another photo, perhaps a photo taken of the rug on a cement floor in the warehouse. Not the most flattering situation or lighting, but it would give you more information! The other way would be to order a smaller rug if you’re thinking of a large piece. We pay shipping to the customer; the customer pays to ship the rug back (within 30 days). That way the shipping expense is reduced if the colors aren’t right for the room. (In some cases we don’t have small sizes: either none are in stock are the rug isn’t made in a small size.)

Please get in touch about any concerns you have and we’ll do whatever we can to provide information, more photos, our personal feedback about any rug we have.

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