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Suzani 7 (Mountain High Soumak Rug)

Posted on February 03, 2019 by Susan Brouwer

This dramatic and very cheerful Mountain High Soumak Rug is a durable and hard wearing — much thicker than a kilim — soumak rug. The original suzani (“souzani”) designs derive from the folk art tradition of Uzbekistan. The original suzanis were woven with an embroidery construction.

Suzani 7 Mountain High Handmade Area Rug

Now rendered in India in a warp-wrapping technique on a rug weaving loom, New Zealand wool on a cotton warp, these are intended for hard wear on your floor! The Souzani designs are notably cheerful and striking. We have a large variety of soumak rugs, including many Suzani designs. In addition to the “Mountain High Soumak Rug" or Suzani 7, A Rug For All Reasons sells the “Sun Palace Soumak Rug" or Suzani 3, “Marigold and Mocha Soumak Rug" or Suzani 4, and the “Terrafina Soumak Rug" or Suzani 13. We also carry many other soumaks in a variety of designs, including the “Equestria Soumak Rug" or Pazyryk.

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