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How To Ship A Rug

Posted on August 05, 2012 by Susan Brouwer
It's easy to prepare a rug for shipping and to protect it well during transit. If you purchased the rug from A Rug For All Reasons, hold on to the same paper the rug was shipped in. If you've thrown it out, you'll need heavy-duty Visqueen (black plastic) or Tyvek®-type paper, and either packaging tape or strong twine.

A. Fold the rug in preparation to roll it up. When you roll it, try to make it no longer than 6 feet. If the rug is wider than 5 feet, we recommend folding it in half lengthwise before rolling it.

B. Roll the rug tightly, and secure the tight roll with 2-3 pieces of twine. It's easiest to prepare your twine first with a loop at one end, then feed the other end through the loop. This creates a lasso that can be secured around the rolled up rug at each end and tied off. 

C. Wrap the rolled-up rug in your wrapping material multiple times (3 is ideal for protection of the rug). Fold over the ends of the paper or plastic so it seals the ends. Encircle the entire girth of the carpet with packing tape in several places with 2 or 3 layers of tape, and seal both folded ends and the edges of the paper to protect the rug during shipping. The final package should not have any loose pieces of tape or bunched up areas of material that can catch on something durring shipping.

You can use any freight carrier for shipping a rug, such as UPS or FedEx (almost all rugs are shipped via UPS). You can schedule shipping online and print your label after paying with a credit card. You may either call UPS or FedEx for pickup at your home or place of business, or simply drop the package at any UPS store or UPS station (we recommend home or business pickup for the convenience, usually this service has only a minor charge, and it makes shipping your rug very easy). We always suggest insuring a rug for your full purchase price so that you are protected against damage to the rug during transit. Additionally, if you request delivery confirmation, you will receive a tracking number. 

Our preferred freight carrier link is provided for your convenience:


If you are returning a rug to us, please reference our Return Instructions.
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