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How To Care For A Handmade Rug

Posted on August 08, 2012 by Susan Brouwer
Caring for a handmade rug is quite easy. There is not much maintenance to do, and hand-knotted rugs are very sturdy, often lasting for generations with just basic rug cleaning and care. They can have heavy furniture placed on top of them, and withstand both use and dirt without damaging them. If a rug becomes very dirty, professional cleaning will brighten the colors and leave you with a rug that feels airy and restored to new. 
Most of the time, basic home rug care will be sufficient to keep your handmade rugs in great shape. We've written an article on How Clean A Rug, which covers the best method to vacuum a rug along with regular house cleaning, and how to spot clean a rug when you have spilled something or have a small dirty area to clean. 

Additionally, rugs can sometimes have loose threads pulled up out of their knots. This can happen through regular use or by small "events" such as a cat scratching on it (sometimes a cat will love a particular rug and use it as a scratch pad). Simply cut the loose yarn threads with sharp scissors down to the height of the rest of the "pile" (a rug "pile" is, simply put, how thick, or tall, a rug is). There is no problem in doing this maintenance, and it will leave your rug feeling clean and new.

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