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A Rug For Yoga

Posted on August 20, 2012 by Josh Wiesenfeld
Oriental rugs make great yoga mats! Preferences in traditional yoga mats are very similar to preferences in yoga rugs. We have thick deep "pile" rugs that are good for those who use a thick yoga mat or more than one mat. If this describes you, you may like to look at our Tibetan rugs. If you prefer a more svelte, thin yoga mat, you may consider our Soumak rugs, many of which are flat weaves.  

If you purchase a rug to use for yoga, we recommend using a rug pad so that it stays firmly on the ground throughout all your positions. Our recommended pad for your yoga rug is the Teebaud Non-skid Rug Underlay

Your yoga rug can be used for other exercise activities as well, such as stretching. One of the nice benefits of using a beautiful handmade rug for exercise is that they are made from wool, which handles odors extremely well, so a little sweat on your rug is no sweat at all!
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